You want to order tonight.

You want to order tonight.

Hirata Buns

Who’s the boss? The Tigress, that’s who, and she’s going to stuff your hirata buns with Asia’s favourite flavours. Check them out.


Tempura, Gyoza, Korean Fried, Spring Rolls – have your pick! Say it again – Crispy!


Don’t try to fly away. It’s too late now. You’re going to order a delivery tonight and you want to add crispy Tigress style wings to it.


Have a look. She knows you’ve been wanting them. You deserve them. Spicy, meaty, steamy, sexy, dumplings. Mmmmmmm, nomnomnom.

Bao Buns

It’s time to bao down children. The Tigress’s delicately steamed buns are ready to burst so you better place your order now.


Udon know what to order? Uwill spice up your life and try the Tigress’s Chilli Chicken Udon. Scared of the heat? Then make it a Katsu Udon, chicken.